5 Most Frequently Asked
   The most cost effective way to improve the appearance of your home or commercial property for showcasing is having your windows professionally cleaned!
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 What makes Best Window Cleaners different from other local competitors?

1. What are the price factors when figuring the price?
     There are numerous factors that need to be considered when determining the cost. Some main considerations are:
     .  How many levels is your home or commercial property?
     .  When was the last time they were  professionally cleaned?
     .  What type of windows do you have single pane, french,combination/storm, etc?
     .  Do your windows have paint, dust or other residue due to recent remodeling?
      All of these factors will help determine how long your job requires &  TIME IS THE BIGGEST FRICE FACTOR!

2. What chemicals & procedures do you use to clean the windows?
   At BEST Window Cleaners, we use only the finest water and finger print resistant commercial strength solutions.  We apply fresh blades to our squeegees before servicing      each and every client.  Most importantly we are outfitted with Professional Window Technicians who know how and when to use these tools to achieve optimum results.
   GREEN solutions are available upon request. We use them as much as possible but sometimes the window is in need of stronger chemicals to get the BEST RESULTS!

3.How do you clean mid levels and high rises?
    It simply depends on the job. In most cases we employ the safest way of cleaning high windows. According to OSHA and the IWCA the safest and most effective way to         reach highrise windows  is repelling from the roof by attaching to roof anchors or using commercial roof rigs.  Scaffolding is VERY dangerous no matter how much                 experience you have. That has been proven in 2009 alone with 3 scaffolding related accidents and mishaps from local window cleaning company's alone!
    In other cases: Depending on the job, we are licence and certified to operate scissor lifts or Boom lifts to accommodate all clients needs and preferences.

 4. We had a window cleaner, but he stopped showing  up and we can’t locate him. Can you match his prices? 
   There is a possibility, but most likely not. It seems that you have experienced a fly by night window cleaner, often with little or no  professional window cleaning and            estimating experience.   We are very reasonable and have competitive prices. We also offer a price match guarantee if it is a local reputable firm. 
    Beware of impostor Window Cleaners!  Improper chemicals and worn supplies can do some serious damage. 

5. My windows seem to have moisture inside the  doubled panes. My windows are not that old! How did this happen?
      This is referred to as “IG” or insulated glass failure. When your double paned window seals fail or loosens, you will quickly develop moisture within those panes. 
      If you are experiencing this, refer to your warrantee information sooner rather than later. The reasons generally trace back to manufacturing mistakes or oversight​.

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According to 2000 real estate agents surveyed by the real estate web site and published in the June, 2008 issue of Money magazine (page 106), washing windows is the number one presale improvement that generates the best return on investment as measured by a higher selling price! Just the facts!
In the mean time please contact Best Window Cleaners so that we can provide you with a list of references in your area.
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"Increase the value of your home"!
We are indisputably the most professional and detailed oriented Window Cleaning Technicians in Central Arkansas.  Our level of detail, client relations and professionalism is unmatched in our local arena. Simply put, we still LOVE cleaning windows, we don't any cut corners and offer GREAT RATES!  Our excitement lies within the finished results of our team work, NOT how long it took our team to do the job. Time is imperative but not in sacrifice of proficient service! We've mastered both. The Difference is CLEAR!

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CMBE Certified
616 East 7th St . LR, Ar .  501-371-8700
WelcomeHome BEST Services  FAQs & TestimonialsContact

CMBE Certified
616 East 7th St . LR, Ar .  501-371-8700
WelcomeHome BEST Services  FAQs & TestimonialsContact

CMBE Certified
616 East 7th St . LR, Ar .  501-371-8700