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 Your Account Manager
On your contract agreement there will be the name and cell# of your Account  Manager.  Commercial & Residential  Account Managers will be available to address any concerns, scheduling and all of your customer service needs.

7:30 AM — 7 PM 
24 Hour Line: 501-551-1402

Ms. E.J. Reed- Walker-Owner/ Operator 
handles most commercial accounts!

       e sincerely appreciate each and every one of our residential and commercial clients. Over the years we have developed "Our Network Discount" that extends a minimum of 10% Off to our contracted clients. Just present your BEST discount card at the time of purchase and save 10%. Take a look at the list of things you could be saving on just by being a Best Window Cleaners Client window repair and replacement, painting, landscaping and so much more. There is are even a list of local retail shopping and entertainment for clients that are interested!

  Let Best Windows compose a customized maintenance plan that fits your establishments high traffic area needs and budget.  Here at Best Windows, there is No job to big or small & no reasonable budget that we can’t work within.
Whether a large corporation or small business, store front or high rise we can we accommodate you.  TIP: Annual & Semi-annual Residential and Commercial  Clients average a 20% lesser service rate than a one time clean up service

Account Managers will perform a quarterly evaluation of your property. This action was developed to inform Owners and Managers of any loose frames, graffiti, & harmful deposits building up. This report will also notify you that your installation service provider has been scheduled to come out and rectify  FREE warranted covered issues or minor repairs.  Whether or not we notice any areas of concerns, "Best Reports" are sent out on the 10th of each Quarter via email.  Client will not receive a QR if there are no areas of concerns!
Quarterly Reports
"We work with you"!
 Our Discount 
At Best Window Cleaners we offer  ALL OF
 THE ESSENTIAL SERVICES TO PRESERVE THE EXTERIOR OF YOUR HOME!  Upon request we can provide you with a written reference from a neighbor in your area. This ensures you that Best Window Cleaners is more than just a name. We don't just go through the motions. 
.  Window Repair & Replacement
.   Residential Housekeeping
.   Commercial Printing
.   Plumbing
.   Pest Control 
.   Commercial uniforms
.   Auto repair
.  Graphic & Web Design
.   Photography
.   Florist
.   Corporate Events Coordination
.   Lots of discounts in River Market
.   Local Cleaners

        & Much More!
Power Washing
Gutter Cleaning 
Hard Water 
Corporate Buildings
Commercial  Fronts
Glass Awnings
& Light Fixers

Most Commonly clients have their 1st level exteriors serviced every 1-2 months. 
Full service maintenance's are most commonly serviced quarterly to smei annually.

Examples of corporate & industrial accounts: 

·  Medical Centers
·  Air Ports
·  Schools & University’s
·  Corporations
·  Law Offices
·  Hotels
·  Churches

Bi-weekly or monthly services is most necessary for these type of high traffic establishments to maintain an inviting store front!
Your awnings and breeze-ways need be serviced a minimum of semi annually to prevent unsightly mud like build up, spider habitation and expensive maintenance!

We recommend
annual cleanings 
for commercial light fixtures and chandeliers!

Other Services:
.   Apartment Complexes and condos
.   Pressure Washing
.   Custom Mini blind restoration
Examples of high traffic establishments:

.  Restaurants
·  Strip Malls
·  Retail Stores
·  Banks 
·  Car Dealerships
.  Fitness Centers
.  Cleaners
Protect your property from  harmful molds & unappealing dirt build up by maintaining a consistent pressure washing schedule!

Clogged gutters can cause many devastating problems to your home or business! Don't be a victim! protect your Investment!       

We are known experts of hard water removal here in central Arkansas. Irrigation over-spay is the leading cause but there are others. Call for more info.      

Going without  consistent exterior maintenance  allows these harmful creatures to begin raiding your property. Protect your Family!

​Welcome to Best Window Cleaners. Whether you are a business owner, property manager or janitorial firm we can take care of your exterior preservation needs. We service a wide variety of corporate complexes, medical centers, restaurants and more in Central Arkansas! Depending on the job, we employ
 the safest methods, of ladder usage, swing stages, roof repelling, and man lifts to accommodate our clients’ needs up to 40 storys high. Let’s see 
how clean your commercial glass can really get. We don't just go through the motions. WE DELIVER optimum RESULTS. Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Luxury Lofts, Condo's & Apts
Mid Levels & High Rises
Ask about our CUSTOM fit 

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CMBE Certified
10201 W. Markham Suite 116 . Little Rock, Ar 72205 .  501-371-8700
WelcomeHome BEST Services  FAQs & TestimonialsContact

CMBE Certified
616 East 7th St . LR, Ar .  501-371-8700
WelcomeHome BEST Services  FAQs & TestimonialsContact

CMBE Certified
616 East 7th St . LR, Ar .  501-371-8700
WelcomeHome BEST Services  FAQs & TestimonialsContact

CMBE Certified
616 East 7th St . LR, Ar .  501-371-8700
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